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Basic FAQs

How is Gitopia different from other code collaboration platforms?
Gitopia, unlike the centralized code collaboration platforms like GitHub, is decentralized, which means that a single central authority does not control it. Also, features like permanent storage for repositories, no single point of failure, community involvement in governance and policymaking, etc., makes Gitopia the best place for developers to collaborate away from the influence of governments and corporates.
Can I backup a GitHub project on Gitopia?
Yes, you can easily backup your GitHub projects on Gitopia. Change happens slowly, and to reduce friction, Gitopia’s GitHub Mirror Action enables you to mirror your existing GitHub repositories to Gitopia automatically.
Where is my git repository stored?
In the Gitopia code collaboration platform, your git repositories are stored in an immutable decentralized network. This means that repositories stored in Gitopia are censorship-resistant.
What is a git remote helper?
A remote helper is an application that helps Git implement custom communication logic with remote repositories (or simply remotes). You need to install git-remote-gitopia helper so that your git command line can understand gitopia:// transport.
Can you restrict repository visibility on Gitopia?
No, you cannot restrict access to a repository hosted on Gitopia. All the repositories hosted on Gitopia will be public and accessible to everyone on the internet.
Can I delete a repository?
Yes, the owner can delete the repository, but this process just removes the repository from being found by using the explorer. The repository will continue to exist in the immutable decentralized storage. Deleting repositories entirely from Gitopia is problematic as to do this, it will be necessary to pass a proposal through the Gitopia community.
Do you have prototype or demo to show to the public yet?
The Gitopia testnet is live. You can try it out here
How do I get started?
Head over to the Getting Started section for instructions on how to use the Gitopia Web Wallet and start collaborating on Gitopia.
Do you have a timeline on the Mainnet launch?
The Gitopia testnet is live. You can try it out here. For updates related to the Mainnet launch, reach out to us in our Discord Channel.
I need some help, where do I reach out?
For help or any other query, reach out to us in our Discord Channel.