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Gitopia Devnet

The Gitopia Devnet is a testing environment for developers to try out new features and test updates before they're released on the main network. The Devnet allows us to test new features and upgrades quickly and continuously, without disrupting the main network. By catching and fixing issues in the Devnet, we can ensure a smoother and more stable experience for everyone on the main network.

Go to Gitopia Devnet.

Steps to Install git-remote-gitopia(Linux/macOS) for Devnet

Run the following command in your terminal.

curl | bash

If you get the following error

mv: rename git-remote-gitopia to /usr/local/bin/git-remote-gitopia: Permission denied
mv: rename git-gitopia to /usr/local/bin/git-gitopia: Permission denied
mv: rename git-credential-gitopia to /usr/local/bin/git-credential-gitopia: Permission denied
Error: mv failed

You would need root permission to move the binary to /usr/local/bin

sudo mv /tmp/tmpinstalldir/git-remote-gitopia /tmp/tmpinstalldir/git-gitopia /tmp/tmpinstalldir/git-credential-gitopia /usr/local/bin