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Wallet FAQs

Where can I use the Gitopia Wallet?
Which wallets are currently supported?
Currently, Gitopia supports:

  • Gitopia web wallet
  • Keplr Extension wallet
  • Ledger Hardware wallet
How do I deposit to Gitopia Wallet and also withdraw?
This feature will be available in a future version.
I am not able to connect my wallet, what do I do?
Please reach out to the support team in our Discord Channel.
What can I do with my Gitopia wallet?
A Gitopia wallet is necessary to store LORE tokens and do any transaction on Gitopia. A person's Gitopia wallet also acts as their user account on Gitopia. Hence, a Gitopia wallet is necessary to create repositories and collaborate with others on Gitopia.
What is Gitopia username?
Gitopia Username is a human-readable name for a user's wallet address on Gitopia. The username will be unique and verifiable on the Gitopia blockchain.
What is Wallet password?
Wallet password is used to encrypt the wallet in a user's browser. The user will need this password to unlock the wallet when they resume their session on Gitopia.
Why can't I find my wallet.json?
Download wallet option is only available for users logged in using the Gitopia wallet. Users logging in using Keplr can follow this guide to set up their Keplr wallet mnemonic in git-remote-gitopia. Ledger users do not need to follow the steps in the git-remote-gitopia guide and hence do not need a wallet.json.
What is Recovery Phrase?
When you create a Gitopia wallet, a 24-word Recovery Phrase is generated for it. It is very important as it is the master private key that will allow you to access your assets inside the Gitopia wallet. As long as you have your recovery phrase, you’ll have access to everything associated with the wallet that generated the phrase — even if you delete or lose the wallet.
What happens if I forget my Recovery Phrase?
Without the Recovery Phrase, there is no way for you to access your Gitopia wallet. We don't have access to your wallets so if you lose your Recovery Phrase, there is no way to get it back. This is why your Recovery Phrase is very important and you should backup your 24-word phrase in a secure and physical location.
I need some help, where do I reach out?
For help or any other query, reach out to us in our Discord Channel.