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Installation (Linux/macOS)

Run the following command in your terminal.

curl | bash

If you get the following error

mv: rename ./git-remote-gitopia to /usr/local/bin/git-remote-gitopia: Permission denied============Error: mv failed

You would need root permission to move the binary to /usr/local/bin

sudo mv /tmp/tmpinstalldir/git-remote-gitopia /usr/local/bin/


git-remote-gitopia will be implicitly called when git encounters gitopia:// remote.

For pushing git repositories to gitopia, you would require a gitopia wallet with sufficient tokens and you need to configure an environment variable with the location of your wallet. You can download the wallet from gitopia webapp.

export GITOPIA_WALLET=/path/to/wallet.json

Below is an example of wallet.json -

{"name":"Temp","mnemonic":"music rose owner spy flight belt belt kitchen wrist axis zebra creek trouble they tool length exchange find face priority battle elbow flower swift","HDpath":"m/44'/118'/0'/0","password":"1234","prefix":"gitopia","pathIncrement":0,"accounts":[{"address":"gitopia1fpsu530cf6ysraxwe68hzvql9v4w0v87rg82qv","pathIncrement":0}]}