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Installation (Windows)


  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Create a new folder: C:\Gitopia, assuming you want Gitopia on your C drive, although this can go anywhere.
  3. Create a subfolder in the Gitopia folder: C:\Gitopia\bin.
  4. Download the latest zipped git-remote-gitopia executable.
  5. Extract all contents to C:\Gitopia\bin folder.
  6. Add git-remote-gitopia binary to PATH.

Adding git-remote-gitopia binary to PATH#

Method 1: PowerShell/CMD#

In PowerShell or your preferred CLI, add the git-remote-gitopia.exe executable to your PATH by navigating to C:\Gitopia\bin (or the location of your git-remote-gitopia.exe file) and use the command set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Gitopia\bin. If the git-remote-gitopia command does not work after a reboot, you may have to run the command prompt as administrator.

Method 2: Graphical User Interface#

  1. Right click on the Start button.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Advanced System Settings on the left.
  4. Click on the Environment Variables… button on the bottom.
  5. In the User variables section, find the row that starts with PATH (PATH will be all caps).
  6. Double-click on PATH.
  7. Click the New… button.
  8. Type in the folder where git-remote-gitopia.exe was extracted, which is C:\Gitopia\bin if you went by the instructions above. The PATH entry should be the folder where Gitopia lives and not the binary. Press Enter when you’re done typing. Click OK at every window to exit.

Verify the installation#

Run the following command in a Command Prompt or PowerShell


You should see a similar output.

2021/09/29 09:29:35 Usage: git-remote-gitopia remote-name url

If you do, then the installation is complete. If you don’t, double-check the path that you placed the git-remote-gitopia.exe file in and that you typed that path correctly when you added it to your PATH variable.


git-remote-gitopia will be implicitly called when git encounters gitopia:// remote.

For pushing git repositories to gitopia, you would require a gitopia wallet with sufficient tokens and you need to configure an environment variable with the location of your wallet. You can download the wallet from gitopia webapp.

set GITOPIA_WALLET=/path/to/wallet.json

Below is an example of wallet.json -

{"name":"Temp","mnemonic":"music rose owner spy flight belt belt kitchen wrist axis zebra creek trouble they tool length exchange find face priority battle elbow flower swift","HDpath":"m/44'/118'/0'/0","password":"1234","prefix":"gitopia","pathIncrement":0,"accounts":[{"address":"gitopia1fpsu530cf6ysraxwe68hzvql9v4w0v87rg82qv","pathIncrement":0}]}