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Gitopia Wallet

This document is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Gitopia wallet.

Getting Started#

  • Setting up your wallet is super easy, simply click the Connect Wallet icon on top right corner of the Gitopia testnet Home page and then click on Create New to get started.

  • In the resulting page, if you’re a first time user select Create new local wallet and if you have an existing Gitopia wallet recovery phrase, you can select Recover existing wallet.


If you are using a Ledger to connect to Gitopia, click on Connect Ledger. For more instructions on how to use Gitopia with a Ledger Hardware Wallet, Click Here.

  • For those of you who already have wallets, you can select them from the list of wallets appearing in the drop-down menu that appears on clicking Connect Wallet.

New Users: Creating your Wallet#

  • If you are using the Gitopia wallet for the first time and have selected Create New Wallet, you will be taken to a new page. Here, you will have to fill in the details and click Create to create your new Gitopia wallet.

  • Here,

    • Wallet Name is used to uniquely identify a wallet from all the local wallets stored in your browser.
    • Password is used to encrypt the wallet in your browser. You need this password to unlock the wallet when you resume the session.
  • On clicking Create, you will be directed to a new page where the 24-word Recovery Phrase for your Gitopia wallet will be shown. A sample Recovery Phrase is shown below.

  • This 24-word Recovery Phrase is very important. It is the master private key that will allow you to access your assets inside the Gitopia wallet.
  • You should never ever share your recovery phrase with anyone else, not even a Gitopia staff member.
  • Anyone who knows your Recovery Phrase will be able to access and spend your funds from anywhere. This is why your Recovery Phrase is so important to you and you should Backup your Recovery Phrase during wallet creation and keep your 24-word phrase in a secure and physical location.

  • Make sure to keep the Recovery Phrase protected from loss or misplacement as it’s not possible to regenerate. We don't have access to your wallets so if you lose your Recovery Phrase, there is no way to get it back.

  • Once a wallet is created, you need to add some tokens in-order to use Gitopia. You can claim free testnet tokens by clicking GET TLORE icon the Gitopia testnet Home Page.

  • Click on Create Profile to create your on-chain profile. Your profile is required to interact with GItopia chain and collaborate with other people.

Existing Users: Loading your Wallet#

  • If you already have a Gitopia Wallet and its 24-word Recovery Phrase, you can dive straight into loading your wallet by clicking Recover existing wallet.

  • Here you will have to enter your 24-word Recovery Phrase and click Recover to load the wallet into your browser.

  • Next you are required to give your recovered wallet a Wallet Name and a Password to secure the wallet while it is loaded in your browser - preventing anyone apart from yourself from using the tokens stored inside the wallet.